The Wheeler neighborhood is a new concept, influenced by Seaside, a very sought out neighborhood in Florida, known for its dense construction and walkable pathways, inspiring an organic presence of community. Wheeler is in its first phase of construction of homes, featuring floor plans from 600 sq ft and up. With the next few phases including more homes and some commercial mixed in.  Wheeler borders the Oklahoma River from the South and features the Ferris Wheel relocated here from the Santa Monica Pier in California. It will feature a Spanish-immersion Elementary School to the West of the neighborhood.  


Now Wheeler, it was once the abandoned Downtown Airpark.  The North Canadian River (renamed Oklahoma River) re-routed further South from its original location to control flooding.  Wheeler was an entertainment venue in the early 1900's.  The Oklahoma City Zoo was located there until the river flooded and killed may of the animals, the zoo later relocated to the now Adventure District. Wheeler Park bordered Delmar Gardens which had an amusement park including a roller coaster, dance pavaillon, and of course Gardens.  The area went into decline when prohibition took over Oklahoma and all the buildings were demolished. 


Wheeler in the News:



Wheeler Park, includes the baseball fields and river front trails

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Wheeler District
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