Historic Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in Oklahoma City's Urban Core were developed pre/post statehood (1907). These homes date from the early 1900's to the 1960's. Majority of homes purchased from catalogs and shipped here via the railroad and built on pier and beams. Some of them have full or partial basements, while many do not. Garages were more rare in some neighborhoods since developments pre-dated the automobile. Historic homes in Oklahoma are considered if they are over 50 years old. 
As downtown Oklahoma City began to flourish, older neighborhoods began to feel the effects of depreciation leading to the destruction of historic homes, and the rise of Urban Renewal demolition. Beginning in the 1970's, neighborhoods sought to respond to the intrusive commercial developments by banding together to create Historic Preservation Districts through the City of Oklahoma City. Some neighborhoods opted for less intrusive design requirements by applying to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places and Districts. Other's have some light construction restrictions, known as Urban Conservation Districts. Some neighborhoods overlap. See the map below for more information. 
OKC Special Zoning Districts.png
While these neighborhoods are historic in age, they do not presently have any historic restrictions or overlays. These are also some of the most affordable homes in the City's Urban Core. 
These 2 Neighborhoods are State-Controlled and have to submit permits to build/remodel to the Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office.  
These neighborhoods fall under the City of Oklahoma City's Urban Conservation Zoning Overlay District (UCD's).  * Represents a neighborhood that is also a HP Zoning District.
These two neighborhoods are zoned as Historic Landmark Overlay Districts which requires Historic Preservation Commission review-mixed zoning.  They are also considered Urban Conservation Zoning Overlay Districts (UCD) as well. 
These neighborhoods are Historic Preservation Zoning Districts. They require historic preservation commission review for any major exterior changes.