Classen Ten Penn

A neighborhood home to many historic styles, primarily bungalows, which can be seen down "Bungalow Row" located along Park Pl from Western Ave West to Pennsylvania Ave. It was established as a middle-class neighborhood in the early 1900's.  The Plaza District is along the Northern border of the neighborhood on NW 16th St, stretching to NW 10th St, and from Pennsylvania Ave East to Western Ave/Classen.  The average age of the neighborhood is 39.  The walkscore is 63 for this neighborhood. 


Classen Ten Penn was developed with the streetcar in mind for transportation for residents in the neighborhood. The streetcar was later removed by the city. The neighborhood once held a brick quarry and was later converted to a neighborhood park. In the 1930's, McKinley Park was created from WPA as well as paved driveways and concrete streets. The neighborhood has experienced multiple life cycles and is currently experiencing another renaissance. The neighborhood has a mixture of single family residences as well as multi-family apartments. See below for the intensive survey of the neighborhood paid for by the City of Okla. City.

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